How to Survive Life

Saturday, December 30, 2017

"The enemy doesn't stand a chance when the victim decides to survive." ~ Rae Smith

Hey Sister! I am so glad you're here, because in 2018 this is exactly what I want to urge us to do...

We Will Survive 

This isn't necessarily about living or dying, but rather how to make it through each moment, day, week, and year when your circumstances seem hard or even dangerous. Through a few short blog posts, I want to show us how to Survive Life.

Regardless of age, race, social status, education, or gender, we've all encountered some rough spots relationally, and some in which we've become victims of abuse.

But we don't have to stay there. 

I'm not a miracle worker, nor do I have a magic pill to get you out of what you're going through...if I did, I wouldn't be still growing from and coming out of some of my own relationship struggles! I do understand each situation is different and some women cannot just leave their circumstances without being very strategic.

But...there is hope! While we're in our messes and mess-ups, we have a God who can help us hold on, pick ourselves up, and do our best to survive so that we can share the message of faith, deliverance and strength with others. Do you want that for yourself? I sure do!

Join me, Melanie, with Survival Sisters' Peaceful Oasis this month to be encouraged, strengthened, and enlightened on How To Survive Life. Connect with me on InstagramFacebook, and my new podcast, Right @ Midnight where I discuss navigating rough relationships and the temptations which spring up in the late night hours for many of our singles!

Also, stick around for 2 special segments of the Survival Sisters' Mission, as I share what's happening In The News and In The Pews, surrounding the issue of Domestic Violence!

In Peace,

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