How to Survive Life: Part 1

Thursday, January 04, 2018

"By your endurance you will gain your lives."
(Luke 21:19)

The last thing I want to do when I'm in crisis is endure. I want to hightail it out of there and get to peace, safety, and comfort! Don't you? Endure, hold on, be patient. No one really wants to hear that. 

As unfortunate as it may seem, the calendar rolled for most of us, but our struggles, issues, and circumstances remained the same. 

We may be still in that toxic, dysfunctional, even dangerous, relationship. We prayed for a new day, but the sun brought the same shame. At this point, there may be nothing left to do, but survive. 

Before I share some inner strategies to guide you to survival, let me be clear

I'm not suggesting stand for and stay in abusive relationships. Every case is different and should be handled sensitively and strategically; but I watched my mother go through it and as hard as it was for her, she survived it by enduring. She couldn't always hide. It wasn't always safe to run. So she had to maintain a composure about herself to help her get through it.
...she survived it by enduring...
For herself. And her children.

Jesus shared insight on survival with his disciples before sending them out into the world to proclaim His name. He reminded them that:

they would be beaten, persecuted, & delivered into churches & prisons to be shamed (v.12)
but these ACTS would lead to an opportunity for their TESTIMONY (v.13)
He said don't prepare what you're going to say to defend yourself (v.14)
because I'll GIVE YOU WORDS that your enemies can't resist (v.15)
family & friends will betray you & put you to death (v.16) & people will hate you (v.17)
but not a hair on your head will perish & by your ENDURANCE you gain your lives (v.18,19)

Even through all the misfortune they would face, their enduring would help them survive. 

Your situation looks unbearable, but your enduring can save you.

How will you survive your life?

  1. Breathe. The opposite of holding your breath. Slow down in your mind and realize you are still breathing and focus on that for a few moments. You may not have control over anything else, but notice the control you have over your own breath.
  2. Bystander. Step outside of your situation and look at it with fresh eyes. How would a stranger perceive it? What would a child see? What does it look like from above? Where are things located? Who's around you? From that perspective, how could you help the person you see survive the next moment? 
  3. Believe. Belief is the spiritual ability to see something that you can't naturally see. You may not physically see a way out, but do you believe there is a way? It may not feel like you're worth it, but do you believe that you are? Belief is always the first step to surviving anything.
In the midst of your stress, you can survive. Not through outer movement, but inner control; if you start training your mind to endure your life, you will begin to survive your life.

In Peace,

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