How to Survive Life: Part 2

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

“Your yes is to be yes, and your no, no.” (James 5:12)

Building boundaries is a spiritual concept.

All throughout scripture boundaries were set up to keep out the enemy, to ward off attack and keep people safe. 

For us today, we're often left vulnerable and open to attack because we haven't protected our spirits or set up boundaries that allow for the achieving of our dreams.

Many of us grew up learning the art of people pleasing.  We struggled to say no because we were told it was rude.

As women, we are encouraged to be compliant and not difficult, so we say NO to things that would fulfill our spirit, by saying YES in order to make others comfortable. 

It seems easier to go through life when everyone around us is happy, but what good is everyone else's joy, when you are left miserable? 

Neglecting to set up a boundary will not make room for your greatest need and desire? In order to SURVIVE LIFE and get to the joy, the peace, the love, the respect, a better relationship with God, or a greater sense of integrity, a boundary will have to be built.  

You may have to say NO to the event that will take you away from time with your family.

You may have to say NO and turn down the offer to go out to eat with friends, if you're trying to save money. 

You may have to say NO to the boyfriend who seems spiritual, but is always seeking to make you compromise your purity. 

James 5:12, says “…let your yes be yes, and your no, no." By being upfront and open with others we are setting boundaries which aren’t selfish, but that are rather, spirit-led. These are boundaries, which are holy and that will make us feel happy for setting them in place.
Saying no makes room for yes. 

Find out who or what it is that's blocking you from experiencing the LIFE you want. 

It may be a loved one or a demanding supervisor.

It may be a poverty mindset that you'll never get, keep, or make enough money. 

It may simply be that you don't feel motivated or energized to survive. 

These are barriers to your survival

So what does this mean for you? 

To build boundaries and free yourself from the control and manipulation of others you have to create a script that's easy to remember. A recent post on Instagram shared a few easy ways to SAY NO gracefully. You may want to save these:
  1. I'm a NO to that, but I'm a YES to you.
  2. I'm not available for anything like that right now.
  3. Not Tonight.
  4. I need to build more trust before I'd be willing to consider that. 
  5. I'm not so into that, but you go have fun.
  6. It's really hard for me to say no to people, but I'm practicing being braver and more honest, so I'm going to say no right now. 
  7. I'm a NO for now. 
These are the perfect steps to help you gain more confidence and learn how to SURVIVE LIFE by Building Boundaries. 

A boundary is only as good as the plan it takes to create it, so take your time and assess your life. What and who you want in it, matters. What and who has to go, may just save your life. 

In Peace,


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