Refined Rest: Taking Off

Monday, July 01, 2019

At 11:57pm, June 30, 2019, I submitted my last assignment for my first week of online courses. Here it is, halfway through the year, in the 7th month of 2019, (7 being one of my favorite numbers of completion, and July being my favorite month because it's super hot and it's My Birthday month).

If you've been following my journey, I am currently taking 2 intensive, 8-week online courses to be approved by the Virginia Board of Counseling to be a Resident in Counseling. Once I complete 8 weeks, I can re-submit my application that was denied in May, in hopes that my transcript will now show that I am competent to see clients in Virginia.

I've been on this road to begin LPC licensure - Licensed Professional Counselor - for about 11 years, and in a matter of months, I thought I would smoothly matriculate into being approved to see clients, but that quickly morphed into a monster of a sudden reorganization of my life. Everything literally shifted for me. I'm on the track that I've been praying for, but it's in overdrive. I almost feel, no, I know you guys, that I'm doing too much.

Before I realized I would be cruising into the burning sunset of the "race the clock to submit your assignments before 11:59pm on Sunday evenings," I was crashing, mentally.

To the outside world, I looked like I had it together, but I was barely breathing.
To my church family, I looked faithful, but I was barely believing.
To my friends and family, I looked healthy, but I was barely eating.

I told myself I needed a break, so I had to let some things go. I canceled my podcast. I turned off some Automatic notifications. I let go of fear. I unsubscribed from emails and other foolishness. I really needed a vacation, but unfortunately, the timing for the next three months (well, the months of June, July, & August), I know would make the travels I want, few and far between. So, instead, 

I decided to take a month off from work.

Not my 8-5! No, I need those coins! 

I'm taking off from speaking, domestic violence, and poetry engagements for the month of July. 
I'm taking off from saying yes when I should say no.
I'm taking off from saying no to me when I should say yes.
I'm taking off from toxic thinking.
I'm taking off from accepting the bare minimum in relationships and not speaking up for myself.
I'm taking off from not exercising.
I'm taking off from eating bread. I like bagels. I love donuts. Y'all pray.

I didn't know I would be in school when I decided on my REFINED R E S T, but God knew. Funny thing, I didn't even have anything booked, because I developed this bad habit of accepting any and every opportunity as it came, not counting the cost of whether I could commit mentally and & physically to the time it would take to execute...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I crashed. I was doing too much.

So, family, friends, foes, I'm off. I may post to my Instagram if the Spirit allows, (take a trip over there and read some earlier posts); but for the most part, I will be studying, praying, cutting out bread, and hoping to restart my yoga breathing and exercise techniques. 

Feel free to contact me if you like or buy me a coffee for the late nights, or support my GoFundMe campaign so that I can pay for these 2 classes and I'll do my best to respond...but in honoring my promise to myself, so I can be of better use to the kingdom, I have to take some time to recharge. Thank you for loving me and understanding!

I will talk to you soon!

In peace,

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