2020: Breathe - This Year I Live

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

"Breathe Melanie. Breathe."

3 words I repeated constantly in 2019.

Headed into a meeting with my supervisor - breathe, Melanie breathe.

Talking to a friend about a challenging subject - breathe, Melanie breathe.

Trying to stay pure when the flesh wants to run this - breathe, Melanie, breathe.

Seeing someone doing the very thing I wanted to do months ago that I didn't have the willpower to dedicate myself to - breathe, Melanie, breathe.

Searching feverishly for my bus pass so I won't be late for work, a counseling session, or worship (only to find it was in my coat I was wearing or the purse I was carrying all along...) - breathe, Melanie, breathe.

I did ALL that breathing in 2019, however, I neglected the living.

Breathe is a verb. It cannot be seen in action, but its very nature is motion. The inhaling and exhaling of air in the lungs flowing out. Breathe means to live and though it also denotes resting from an action, it's a concentrated, dedicated ability to be still and pause.

There are so many quotes inspiring us and scriptures commanding us to rest and be still and meditate and pray and to quiet our souls, yet we neglect the very power given us -- to live!

I've been naming my year for about 5 years now, and each year, the word is a purposed focus to align with all that I do. The resolutions are out the door. Sure, I want to be a better this and a better that; but you know like me, that list can become extensive, exhausting, and accusatory if you don't accomplish it all.

If I can keep a simple word in my heart for the whole year, I have the fuel needed to achieve my dreams and fulfill the vision I have for my life. 

2019 (My 1st) Vision Board ----------------------- What an amazing year! GOD SHOWED OUT!

2020 Vision Board ------------------------------ I truly feel in 2020, the best is yet to come!
But I won't get there if I don't stop and consciously BREATHE. 

I want to live and celebrate life and for me, that means stopping to enjoy the little moments and make better memories that aren't always shared on social media. That means trying new things or being okay with doing the mundane thing. That means actually stopping to pray and not treating it like a drive through..."God, here's what I want and it better be ready by the time I pull around to the window." 

No! Breathing requires patience and hearing God in the stillness of the waiting room. It's pausing to reflect on my blessings. It's not about being me-focused but rather, God-directed and other-focused. It's living life and experiencing life with others...with intention, with purpose, with passion. If I'm fueled, I'll have no problem being in the presence of others and I will for sure be content when I'm alone.

I'd rather live life abundantly than have a board full of dreams never accomplished. So, unless called on, I'm retreating into the background to BREATHE, work on me, and finally for 2020, I will live.

In Peace,

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