Make Room: Emotional Hoarders

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name.” (Psalm 142:7)

Most of us have seen the show Hoarders, where individuals go to severe measures to hold on to keepsakes, memories, fads, or anything else of interest to them. Some store items in bedroom closets, basements, drawers, and cars. In extreme cases whole houses are filled to the brim with stuff. You heard right, stuff. It may have sentimental value, it may not, but the hoarder is just not capable of letting it go. For the sake of drama, exposure, and intervention, this television show has helped several individuals clear out the mess and live clearer, freer, cleaner lives.

Emotional hoarding is similar: it's holding in feelings, holding grudges, or holding on to hurts. The issues held onto (i.e. hurt, trauma, mistakes, failures, or nostalgia) and the emotions that accompany them (shame, regret, guilt, resentment, disillusionment, anger, etc.) could have happened years ago or just yesterday. Whatever the time frame, the emotions, oftentimes, are carefully tucked away in the spirit.

Although the spirit is full to capacity, the emotional hoarder uses it to harbor bitterness, lay down unforgiveness and store up wounds and pain. The psalmist describes it as your soul being in prison. The idea of prison here means a shutting up, a dungeon, locksmith, enclosure. 

The soul that desires freedom is always at the mercy of its captor. Until you take the key of surrender and release your baggage, you'll never make room for peace.

To be honest, I’ve had days where I’ve knowingly gone into my spirit and picked up some guilt from a past situation and I feasted on and rummaged through it all day. It had me in tears, upset, and confused all over again. I’ve brought up my hurt feelings and blamed others, today, for the hurt I felt years ago.

Holding on to the past is unhealthy to the future state of your soul.

Have you been there? Are you there now? 

Are you aware of anything you’re holding on to that needs to be released? Is there something within that is so comforting and familiar, yet it’s keeping you from experiencing freedom?

It could be fear of telling someone how you really feel about him or her... open up and Make Room.
It may be the hurt of being abused or mistreated as a child... open up and Make Room.
It could be the injustice you faced on your job last week, last month, last year... open up and Make Room.

If it’s choking the life out of your spirit, let it go (Ephesians 4:30). If you can’t function because it’s always resurfacing in your mind, give it to the Master and let Him resolve and dissolve it.

Watching the show Hoarders can be disgusting, seeing how items from 15-20 years ago are stored in a place and never removed. The homes are usually moldy, infested with mice and insects, and run-down. Holding on to old emotions is nasty. Your attitude begins to stink. Your insides become full of unnecessary baggage that runs your body down. You become contaminated with complacency, apathy, and an obscured vision. It’s altogether a critical situation that needs exposure and intervention.

This is your Hoarder Alert: Release your spirit from the imprisonment of emotional hoarding so that you may praise the name of the Lord!

Stop holding on to unnecessary junk and unpack the years of hurt.

Make room for grace and peace through prayer and fasting.

Forgive yourself and others to free up space in your life to let love in!

Get rid of toxic, lingering emotions by exposing them and making them obedient to Christ.

Think on the beautiful things, not the bitter, bad, and brutal!

Seek help from friends, family, and most of all Christ.

Put God first, not your stuff. 

Your soul is ready to praise, so surrender.

Make room.

In Peace,

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