You Are Home.

Hi there! 

I'm glad we're connected here! I'm Melanie and I grew up in a home affected by Domestic Violence. I was a witness to emotional, physical, and verbal abuse. I thought my mother was the only one, but as I got older, I find out that many women in my family experienced abuse, so I prayed that the cycle would stop with me. 

In my experience as a Christian woman, I notice that there are women in the church who also deal with the shame of this sacred silence of abuse alone, with no one to share their stories with; some don't how to and/or where to seek help. I will provide that here.

I believe your home, and especially a Christian home, should be peaceful and your relationships should feel safe. Survival Sisters' Peaceful Oasis is home. It’s an OASIS that’s Open And Safe InSide. The word Sisters' is possessive, because I believe all women can grab hold of the peace they want and can take ownership of the choices that will lead them to an abundant life in Christ. Survival Sisters' Peaceful Oasis is a place for Christian women, who have been in or are currently in domestic violence situations, to find safety, empowerment, prayer, and compassionate spiritual expressive arts counseling.

Upon completion of my licensure (yes, you will be here for that journey), I will offer Spiritual Expressive Arts Counseling which will help women document, through self-reflection, cognitive therapy, and journaling how to make better decisions when it comes to choosing relationships, how to gain more self-esteem and worth, as well as gain tools on how to escape and overcome traumatic experiences.

I pray you will feel at home at Survival Sisters' Peaceful Oasis. Feel free to ask me questions, share your stories, connect in prayer, and find escape from abuse. 

I love you! I wish you well. I pray you have peace, and I know you will SURVIVE, my sister.  

In Peace,

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